Advanced Microeoconomics III


Final Exam: June 13. Closed book.

Class Material

1. Akerlof’s Market for Lemons

2. Spence’s Signaling Game.

3. Competitive Screening.

4. Moral Hazard.

5. Envelope Theorem. (Updated)

6. Revenue Maximizing Auctions. (Updated May 24)

7. Efficient Mechanisms (I fixed some typos and updated proof that we covered in class on June 6)

Problem Sets

  • The assignments are individual. However, you can discuss and collaborate in groups of at most three students.
  • Each student must submit an answer key, indicating the collaboration group members.
  • Please answer all questions in a clear and concise way.
  • Typed and handwritten submissions are accepted.
  • If it applies, pay attention to your handwriting.
  • The preferred format is pdf via email. Physical submissions also accepted.
  • Questions and comments via email are welcomed (clarifying questions, typos, etc.).

Problem Set 1. Due date April 28.

Problem Set 2. Due date May 5.

Problem Set 3. Due date May 12.

Problem Set 4. Due date May 19.

Problem Set 5. Due date May 26.

Problem Set 6. Due date June 4.